Signing in as Away

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L’esprit de L’escalier


Signing In As Away

Where The Trees Are Standing Under Water:

Reprise: A Farewell to Endings

Predictable Decay/ Ferguson

The Touch of Space: Somewhere to Fall

Avinculum Pot-Calls: The Kettle

Ephemeral/ Constance pt. ii: “On Putting Tomorrow In the Past

At the Edge of Shalescapes

Entrainment to Admire

For A Lemniscate

Give Up// The Ghost


For Each ‘hthose

Good Grace, (A)nachronist

Let Us Be He(A)thens

:: (untitled)

+&we were always cowards


Palmer Fascia


Classic Villain Syndrome

Sairen Vs. Proselyte


Tango with Che Guevara

Sharp Just Doesn’t Cut It


Lover, Will You Be A Friend?

Oh Captain, Mercaptan

With Friends Like These… (who needs enemies?)

Treating the Symptoms

The Feeding Inward(s)

Humour’s Running High

After All: Reciprocity in the House of Averice

Old Lady Love:

End of Days

:: (untitled)

Eyes of a Tired Smile

Memories Ago

The Leaving Song

Still Breath At Scent

In Dreams

:: (untitled)

Do Better

For All A Rose ‘tid

:: (untitled)

The Weight of the World